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3 Superior Qualities Of Chairman Ofosu Ampofo

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3 Superior Qualities Of Chairman Ofosu Ampofo

I have observed keenly the espoused qualities of Chairman Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo and the above three stand tallest. In fact, the rest of the written rates derive their merit from these superior three.

For every leader, you should have the above three superior qualities in other to be successful in office. For a political party like the National Democratic Congress (NDC), having a leader who lacks any of the above qualities will come with its own repercussions. A party with 400,000+ members shouldn’t be led by a person whose only quality is a perceived FEARLESSNESS. That cannot be a stand-alone quality.


Accessible leadership opens up a leader to all kinds of people — rich and poor, literate and illiterate, member and non-member, executive and non-executive, etc — to listen, be advised, share and receive what they have to offer on the table of teamwork.

An accessible leader is automatically a CARING and a UNIFIER who welcomes everyone to his abode. No one can be accessible without care and unity, they work hand in hand. This quality allows a party to grow without a shred of enmity. And as the bible says; “if a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand” — Mark 3:24. The NDC kingdom needs an ACCESSIBLE (CARING, UNIFIER) leader to stand the test of the election come December 2024; and that accessible leader is OFOSU AMPOFO.


Every election is won on strategy and not stratagem. With the current election traits and dynamism, under no circumstance had fire doused fire but water. So, on election grounds, most especially when you’re not weaponized as juxtaposed to your rival, only shrewd and practical strategies devoid of violence are needed to outsmart the opponent.

A strategic leader is equally PRAGMATIC and HARDWORKING because no strategy is best executed without the exertion of manpower and practicality. Being practical helps to carry your followers along the path of victory and stand a better chance to implement such strategies as may be delegated to them on the strength of being privy to them. This can only be found in CHAIRMAN OFOSU-AMPOFO.


A progressive leader is GOD-FEARING, believes in the success of the larger group than a select few and prefers inclusive interest. He critically thinks to devise a plan that will inure to the progress of the TEAM and not only the starting XI.

An experimental example was the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election where the Ampofo-led team did not look only inwardly but outward too. Though some of the first XI got injured, the rest were saved with a proactive strategy from leadership to keep the TEAM spirit alive. Truth is, it was that consultative decision that has kept the NDC united to date. For a progressive leader, he will better lose a chaotic election (a seat) than lose irredeemable souls. Under no spell will an unarmed army fight fully disguised and weaponized vigilantes on the battleground when the CAPTAIN is a top-notch progressive.

With even Free SHS in perspective, what you cannot allow your siblings or children to be subjected to, you do not offer the same initiative to others. It is commonsensical. This is what Ofosu-Ampofo stands against. A God-fearing leader chooses PROGRESSION over REGRESSION which happens in a flash without a second thought. Had the NDC lost hundreds of supporters at the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election, which was fate-bound due to the firing of guns, it would have regressed the party back to a decade or more for a continuous re-organization and faith-building.

Dear delegates, we are poised to win power and that is the interest of the NDC and every political party. But if party folks are asked to sacrifice their lives for the party’s victory, I doubt we will get one executive member to stand out for that. So if you do not want to die, who then should be put at the mercy of thugs who were deployed to cause mayhem?
We shouldn’t win the 2024 election only, we should preserve everyone’s life too.

Vote for Strategic Chairman Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo to keep his good works in force. He is #3 on the ballot, fully ordained by God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. #RetainOfosuAmpofo #C4C

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