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31st December And The Festival Of Doom Prophecies 2022

31st December And The Festival Of Doom Prophecies 2022

As a new year beckons, the first week, as usual, will not be devoid of news of numerous ‘Prophets’ displaying their prophetic prowess.

31st December Watch Night or Cross Over service are mostly the venues where “men of God” and “prophets” are seen making declarations of projected happenings in the upcoming year. This act has soon become a ritual that is felt and experienced every now and then.

It has gotten so interesting to the point where prophets and men of God keep their prophecies to themselves or only tell the few people around them. With the fear that the general public will descend on them if none of what they declared happens. And rather come out with videos and voice notes to defend their ownership to the occurrence of an event.

The year 2021 hasn’t been an exception. Prophesies of how the year is going to be with some major occurrences. Most of these prophesies came as false, in that, the events they declared was going to take place never happened, with self-acclaimed men of God coming out to defend their prophecies.

Has Christianity gone that low for self-acclaimed men of God to come out to defend their failed prophesies? One thing that baffles me is the last statement they add to their doom prophesies, “if you do not pray”. Does that mean if it happens, none of the Ghanaians prayed?

During 31st December night services, hardly will you hear positive prophesies of what the new or approaching year has in stock for us, rather, what we hear is doom, death, tragedy and it’s like. Is God that wicked to send us misfortune each year?

We’re yet to know what these prophets are preparing to tell us when we gather together to say “Thank You” to God for seeing us through a successful year.

On the other hand, the IGP has issued out a warning against men of God who will opt to prophesy doom. To him, you’ll have to provide a piece of evidence to back your statement. So as not to create fear and stir up public peace.

We’re ready to know how tomorrow’s services will go. As to if they’ll defy the orders of the IGP.