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5 Types Of Women Who Will Cheat On You

by Eugenia Enyonam Datsomor
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5 Types Of Women Who Will Cheat On You

Five types of  Women who Will Cheat on you

1. Materialistic Women:

Such women are quite a lot in the system. They barely or hardly work for stuff they want. And for the things they already own, they hardly worked for them.
An insatiable appetite to just get finer goddess of life, no matter what and don’t care who they hurt in the process.
These women are highly driven by material things.
All one has to do, is to flash money before their eyes or flash that kind of items they are looking at before their eyes. And that’s pretty much what it takes for them to cheat.
They may not necessarily be satisfied with you, with what you give and especially if you are not in the position to give.
One canny all means avoid women who come in contact with materialistic. Such women have low loyalty and may end up in another man’s bed if they are not able to meet their materialistic needs. Never say you weren’t warned.

2. The women still using dating apps:

The woman who won’t stop going on social media dating apps long after you and she began dating.
Why this saying,
Now here’s the thing, if a woman has found you as a partner for life or maybe someone whom they are even prospecting, could this be the guy.
A lot of women who see worth will actually stop looking for other partners out there.
So, if you have a lady, who let’s say is still on tinder even after she met you on tinder and you guys hooked up and started dating.
A serious relationship emerges and she’s still maintaining her tinder account, perhaps you should find out why.
Ask. if she’s still looking for another man and if you are not man enough for her.
Insist on her getting off from the dating site.
Now, by no means am I saying that every single woman who still has a dating app or visit a dating website even after they met you, are definitely going to cheat.
But the saying is, what’s the point of still opening yourself to all kinds of attention if you have the man you want to be with.
So, the propensity for women to cheat in an opinion base is higher just because she fails to remove themselves or make themselves accessible to strangers.
If this happens one should know that she’s still open, she’s still looking and you might not be the one.
You might have placed her on a pedestal that is too high for her at the moment.
I’m not saying go and snoop on her phone but rather have an open up conversation to see her mind when it comes to things like that.
Dating apps, people sliding into her dm what does she say to them, does she engage them.
When a woman is serious with you, she doesn’t take other people seriously and for that matter doesn’t really engage people sliding into her dm or engaging on dating apps.
In fact, there are people who straight out just delete dating apps because they have found the man they love.

3. An unapologetic Flirt:

Now, there are a lot of women, let’s people who just love the attention they get when they flirt with people. Alright, it can be playful but the thing is where does one draw the line, at what point does it stop being playful.
Maybe when she was single, she was flirting to find a man. But, now that you are in her life, what’s her excuse for flirting with other people.
How disrespectful can it be, if she’s flirting right in front of you?
Let’s say, you go out for an event and there she is robing guys cheek, doing all sorts of things to draw attention to herself.
When a woman is taken, she cuts down or totally eliminates flirting from her life.
Not to say that every occasional flirting once in a while is still on a dangerous side.
It could be harmless but all the saying is, if she has found you and think you are the guy of her dream, she’s not going to be flirting with every Tom, Dick and Harry.
It’s really disrespectful and doesn’t send the right message to people around you and the people in your circle who are observing her.
Imagine you go to a party with all your friends and their girlfriends and it’s only your girlfriend flirting with all the guys in the room.
What does this say to you?
How does this make you feel?
Insecurity is just as a matter of time that if a sister doesn’t put a stop to it, some guy is actually going to lead her on and the worse could possibly happen.
So be careful of unapologetic flirt.

4. The woman who never shows you off:

So you met this amazing woman, you’ve kicked it off, everything seems to be going well but still haven’t met the most important people in her life. You barely even know where she works. She’s secretive, not giving you information.
If a woman cares about you, she wants to be with you and wants everyone in the circle to know you are her man. You are in deep trouble if you find a woman who is not happy and willing to show you off.
Chances are there are other people in the running or possibly there are other people she’s dating and for that matter, she might be cheating on you.
No matter what you do or how you do, if within the first few weeks, months, this woman that you’ve started dating is not eager to show you or let you meet anyone in her circle.
Chances are that you are just a side cock and the main guys are actually there.

5. Women who lack attention:

There are a lot of women who are attention seekers. They love and crave attention from their significant others or partners.
And if you are one of the guys who feel like I have finally landed this girl so I don’t need to work hard anymore.
Oops sorry but you are really mistaken because women need constant reassurance, they need words of affirmative.
And indeed one need to know the kind of love language of your partner and deliver that unto her.
If she seeks attention, just do that.
Don’t overdo it too just find a nice balance way of doing it.

Disclaimer, this does not necessarily represent all women on earth but one might find a good junk of them that this would apply to.
Be wise
Be observant

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