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A Time To Clean And Polish African Football - Didier Drogba

A Time To Clean And Polish African Football – Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba officially submitted his bid to become the president of the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF).

The retired Ivorian professional footballer who played as a striker is set to contest with these three people: Sory Diabate, Idriss Diallo, and Kofi Kouakou Paul.

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In an interview concerning his plans towards FIF, he said, “This is a start to clean up and polish African football. My win here will not only be the victory for Ivory Coast federation but also for Africa. From here we will go to the contest to take over CAF. This is an action towards the biggest challenge or dream that was started by Mario Balotelli earlier this year. We want our own facilities, not corruption.

We have struggled when we were playing, and now it’s time to protect the next generation from what we have experienced in playing in CAF. We need to come together to make African Leagues and football great like South America and Europe.

The talent is here, now we want to build the best facilities for them. What they see on television in Europe will see it here in their soil. Big giant football clubs in Africa will be resurrected, they will play in the best facilities if only we are together in this, except if we are the enemies of progress.”

Didier Drogba’s hope of becoming the next president of FIF is suffering from strong opposition. In that, he was expecting to be backed by Cyrille Domoraud, his former teammate who heads the footballers’ union, but that wasn’t the case. Their support was for his rival, Idriss Diallo.