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A Visit To The Kakum National Park 2022

A Visit To The Kakum National Park 2022

One of the major things mother Ghana is noted for amongst many other great things is the beautiful places that are tourist sites serving as a pool of generation of income for the nation.

The bond between the indigenes of the land and the foreigners are strengthened as a result of their constant travels to the country to see these beautiful places and also to interact with the people of Ghana to know the country better.
Most of these tourist sites have well-trained tour guides who are endowed in the history of the country and how that particular place came to existence as well as the story of some historic events that took place; their duty is to give the people that come to visit those places an experience to take home. There’s never a dull moment in visiting Ghana’s tourist sites.
The Kakum national park is a beauty to behold; and a place that must be seen by all and sundry. It has an area of about 145 square meters located in the central region of Ghana.

The park houses so many animals, especially mammals. Most people also enjoy the canopy walk which is 30 meters above ground level.

An intriguing fact about the canopy walk is that it looks scary when attempting it for the first time, but never a problem to people seeking to have some form of adventure upon visiting such places.
You see above the trees and appreciate the work of nature; Ghana has beautiful landmarks and places to visit during one’s leisure time.