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Agumenu Writes: Aseidu Nketia Was Revered By Rawlings For His Leadership Abilities

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Agumenu Writes: Aseidu Nketia Was Revered By Rawlings For His Leadership Abilities

From the perspective of my former boss, the late Chairman Rawlings, I see General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia as nothing less than a steadfast figure of patriotism, resilience, and absolute loyalty with political wit and dedication to the NDC’s ideals.

Asiedu Nketiah was unquestionably one of President Rawlings’ favourites for the NDC’s 2020 running mate position.

President Rawlings saw Mr Asiedu Nketia as a deeply rooted grassroots man with the necessary leadership qualities, as well as having a certain amount of political correctness and passion, and I have come to completely agree with this perspective. He had a lot of respect for him, so I don’t think it’s surprising that he counselled my older brother, Mr Korku Anyidoho, the then-Dep General Secretary, not to challenge him.

“Agumenu, please tell Korku that I said he should not contest the GS,” he said. He ought to continue serving as the Dep General Secretary, which is what I did. President Rawlings feels that way about G.S. Asiedu Nketiah.

Through a variety of political satires, President Rawlings, as philosophical as he was, furthered his likeness as the General Secretary.

We really need a character of courage and resilience to lead from the front and steer the affairs as our party enters an uncertain future in 2024.

Undoubtedly, these are difficult times. However, if we don’t put in place transformational leadership that will reorganize our party as a people-centred, socially responsible, and economic reform machinery as well as a national vehicle for equitable distribution of goods and services, job creation through industrialization, and prudent management of national resources, we won’t be able to escape this mess in the future.

I now challenge the rank and file, especially the delegates, to conduct a competitive and SWOT analysis critically and objectively, examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and qualities that each candidate brings to the table for our shared interest to achieve the desired result we need as a group.

I therefore beg all delegates to equally focus on other strategic positions, such as those for the women’s front, national organizer, and general secretary.

To maintain the growth of the party and steer a national development agenda, we need visionary leadership with the necessary level of integrity, wisdom, craft, and passion.

Dr. Donald Senanu Agumenu, Special Assistant to Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, Former President.


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