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An Offence To Sit On Okada Or In Pragya

by Eugenia Enyonam Datsomor
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An Offence To Sit On Okada Or In Pragya

Did you know you could be fined or imprisoned for sitting on okada or pragya?
According to Section 128 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act, 2012 L. I 2180, a licensing authority shall not register a motorcycle or tricycle to carry a fare-paying passenger.

A person shall not use or permit a motorcycle or tricycle over which that person exercises control to be used for commercial purposes except for courier and delivery services. A person shall not ride on a motorcycle or tricycle as a fare-paying passenger.

A person who contravenes these commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not more than twenty-five penalty units or to a term of imprisonment of not more than 30 days or to both.

This goes to say that it is not only the pragya or okada rider who would have committed an offence by using his tricycle or motorcycle to pick up passengers. Passengers who pay fares to ride on them will also have committed an offence per the laws of Ghana.

These two cycles can not be used for commercial purposes since they do not meet the criteria for commercial vehicles per section 127 of L. I 2180 which states that a licensing Authority shall not issue a license to an applicant, if (a) the motor vehicle has a bodywork with open sides (d) the motor vehicle intended for use as a taxi has less than four doors. Clearly, Okada’s and Pragya’s are inconsistent with the above provision.

This means that any licensing authority that gives a licence for commercial operation would have committed an offence. Okada and Pragya owners along with their customers can be held liable to pay a fine of 300 cedis or imprisonment of not more than a month or to both fine and imprisonment as per the laws.

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