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Apostle General Inducts 254 Students For Campus Ministry

Apostle General Inducts 254 Students For Campus Ministry

The founder and general overseer of the Royalhouse Chapel International have his vision growing each and every day and for his mission, it keeps expanding each and every moment.
the Apostle General inducted 254 new leaders across all tertiary institutions in Ghana inside his 21,000 seater capacity auditorium.

Apostle General Inducts 254 Students For Campus Ministry

Royalhouse Chapel Students and Associates (ROSA) is the student wing of Royalhouse Chapel which can be found across all the major 26 tertiary campuses in Ghana.

The mission of ROSA is to power the visions of their father, the Apostle General. And the visions are:
1. Bringing people into God’s presence through prayer, praise and worship.
2. Preaching messages of hope that are relevant to the physical and spiritual needs of the people.
3. Bringing comfort and creating an atmosphere of love, caring, sharing and fellowship.

In marking the climax of the gathering of the youth in Ghana inside the 21,000 seater auditorium (Oil Dome) which started on Friday, the Apostle General inducted a new set of 254 student leaders for campus ministry. These 254 leaders had to do with 26 tertiary campuses.

In August last year, the Apostle General inducted 201 student leaders. This tells how fast the ministry of the Apostle General is growing and expanding.

Apostle General Inducts 254 Students For Campus Ministry

With regards to the 254 leaders, 25% of them are from the headquarters of Royalhouse Chapel (Ahenfie). The 75% are also from the various assemblies (branches) in Ghana.

With no doubt, ROSA is said to be the most vibrant student fellowship on all campuses. Their yearly impactful programs held on campuses proves that. This includes: Grab 4 Keeps (G4K). This is a relationship program that teaches and guides students in having a good Christian-like relationship and building a strong relationship.
Encounter With The Oil is also an annual transformational 3 days crusade. That guides the spiritual growth of young students.
In addition to the above is their camp meetings. Which is dubbed the Movers and Shakers Conference. Which even ended yesterday.
It had been on the number trend in Ghana since Friday.


Talking about the massive 21,000 people that gathered for the Shakers and Movers Conference, the covid-19 safety protocols were strictly adhered to. Washing and the sanitizing of hands, wearing of a nose mask and social distancing.