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Are They Likely To Take Over From Their Fathers?

by Vesta Daily
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Are They Likely To Take Over From Their Fathers?

There’s a cliche where men of God have their kids not taking after them, but this isn’t the story of these fathers of the land. They have set a new story.

In Ghana, the children of some popular men of God are already in ministry and just like Elisha who took over from Elijah, these sons are running with the vision as they carry the double potion of their fathers.

Below are some sons of the fathers who are in ministry and doing awesomely well just like their fathers.

1. Joel Duncan Williams, the son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, is the Head Pastor of Firm Foundation Action Church, a ministry made up of the youth and young adults who are ready, able and willing to make an impact on their generation.

2. Paapa Korankye-Ankrah, the son of Apostle-General Sam Korankye-Ankrah of the Royalhouse Chapel International, is also doing the same work of God.

The young preacher manages the television station of his father’s church, Powerline TV, and is the Vice President of the youth wing called World Movers Generation (WMG).

Before coming into full-time ministry, he was the CEO of Quest Technologies Ltd, a computer and network security company in London.

He holds a B.A in Economics from McMaster University, and a Master’s from the University of Sheffield.

4. Nana Akosua Korankye-Ankrah, the first child of the Apostle General has also taken over her parents and ran with the vision. She’s the founder and leader of the 2nd General (2G). This is a group for the young ladies in the church.

5. Two sons of the Archbishop of the Perez Chapel, Bishop Charles Agyinasare are full-time men of God just like their father.
Both Apostle Francis Agyinasare and Bishop Selassie Agyinasare serve under their father at the Perez Dome in Accra.

Bishop Selassie Esar Agyinasare is the resident pastor of the Perez Chapel International and a medical doctor by profession.

Apostle Francis Agyinasare, who has a degree in Business Management and French from the University of Surrey, is currently the head pastor of the French Church and the General Manager of Precious TV, the media outlet of the Perez Dome.

4. Bishop Archibald Eastwood Anaba, the son of Reverend Joseph Eastwood Anaba is also a pastor at his father’s church, Fountain Gate Ministries.

5. The founder of the Victory Bible Church International, Pastor Nii Sorse Tackie-Yarboi, also has his son, Nii Sorse Tackie-Yarboi, who happens to be a medical doctor by training, doing the work of God too.

Pastor Nii Sorse works with his father as an Associate Pastor of the East Legon church branch.

6. Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, Founder and General Overseer of the United Denomination which originated from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (UD-OLGC), also has his only son, Bishop Joshua Heward-Mills working as a full-time man of God.

Currently, he is the resident pastor of First Love Church, a 10,000-member church.

Before this, the Nottingham Trent University-trained lawyer worked as a Compliance Officer at HSBC in their London office.

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