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Are Traffic Lights Seen As Decorative Devices?

by kwameDoh
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Are Traffic Lights Seen As Decorative Devices?

Traffic lights are signaling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to control the flows of traffic.

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There are several overarching reasons that traffic signals pop up all over our roadways and neighborhoods. While some signals may work to fill a very particular niche, most signals share a common set of purposes.

1. Maintain a safe flow of traffic.
2. Keep pedestrians and vehicles safe.
3. Minimize accident frequency and severity.

However, traffic lights in our country are seen as decorating devices. In that more attention are not paid to them. Some major roads in Ghana do not have traffic lights, the few that have are also faulty.
Who’s job is it to have our faulty traffic lights repaired. Are we waiting to have pedestrians been knocked down by vehicles or cars colliding into each other before we have them repaired?

There is a set of faulty traffic lights at Tudu which has not been repaired for a year now. It got faulty during the lockdown last year, and till now we have no idea whose job it is to have them repaired.

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Meanwhile, this traffic light is beside the main Accra Metropolitan Assembly Head office in Accra. It also serves the Kinbu Senior High School.
Are we waiting for a brilliant student of that institution to be knocked down before we have these traffic lights fixed? Are our authorities waiting to record a gory accident before they awake to their responsibilities?
This is even the opportune moment to be using or employing our Technical and Technology institutions to be handling these things. We have a lot of textbooks that have causes, effects, and solutions to countless problems, but our leaders are not reading these solutions. Are they outdated?

In case you’ve forgotten, below is your decreed vision and mission for our country.

The vision of the Ministry of Roads and Highways is to provide and maintain an integrated, cost-effective, safe, and sustainable road transport network responsive to the needs of users, supporting growth and poverty reduction.

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The mission of the ministry is to formulate the requisite policies, monitor and evaluate programs and projects to ensure the provision of an affordable, integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable road transport network that will meet the economic, social, and environmental needs as well as national and international standards.

Ministry of Roads and Highways I salute the good work you are doing in our nation. Ministry of Transport I salute you. Thank you for the faulty traffic lights on our roads, thank you for the potholes that are gradually turning into boreholes. Thank you.

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Author: kwameDoh

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