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Arrest Of Car Snatching Syndicate; No Soldier Involved - Ghana Armed Forces

Arrest Of Car Snatching Syndicate; No Soldier Involved – Ghana Armed Forces

The Public Relations Directorate, General Headquarters, Burma Camp, has issued out a statement that has to do with the arresting of a car snatching syndicate. Where the Ghana Armed Forces have stated emphatically that there was no soldier involved, as presumed.

The full statement read:

“The attention of the Ghana Armed Forces has been drawn to several videos and pictures on various social media platforms of the arrest of a car snatching syndicate at Buipe who alleged to have attacked and snatched a car from a victim at Tamale. In the said videos and pictures, one of the suspects is seen wearing a military camouflage uniform and has been described variously as a soldier of the Ghana Armed Forces.

We wish to state categorically that the suspect is not a soldier of the Ghana Armed Forces. The Armed Forces are worried about the rising spate of impersonation by civilians, either wearing military uniforms or posting fake pictures of themselves as military officers to defraud unsuspecting Ghanaians. The unauthorized sale of military uniforms and military pattern gadgets by some vendors contributed to this state of affairs and is inimical to national security.

The Ghana Armed Forces are ready to cooperate with the Police to unravel the source of the military uniform in this particular incident and to stop the unauthorised sale of the military uniforms across the country. Ghanaians should be confident to provide information to the security agencies in order to nip this trend in the bud.

The general public is advised once again to be circumspect in dealing with persons who pose as military personnel. Please contact the Directorate of Public Relations on 0544338030 when in doubt.”