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Ashaiman MP Justifies Not Snatching Speaker's Seat

Ashaiman MP Justifies Not Snatching Speaker’s Seat

Ashaiman MP justifies not snatching Speaker’s seat

Ernest Norgbey, the Member of Parliament for the Ashaiman constituency has come out to justify the snatching of the seat of the Speaker of Parliament as ensued on 1st December 2021.
In his interactions after the incident, the MP said he sees no error in respect to relocating the seat of the Speaker of Parliament.
He stated ” I didn’t snatch the seat of the Speaker, I was only preserving the seat of the Speaker, but when he rules that he is not the Speaker then we have to preserve the seat for the Speaker till he comes”
He continues with ” I don’t agree to views that touching the Speaker’s seat is sacrilegious. The Speaker was not on the seat when I touched it. So many people touch the Speaker’s seat. I can also touch it. When I touch it, what happens?
And no, my actions did not attract the Marshals. They were already there. They were already positioned around the maze and the seat. No one intended to carry the seat outside the chamber”
This he said to justify his act of snatching the Speaker’s seat.