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Avoid The Usage Of MoMo If You Can't Pay E-levy - Ahenkorah Carlos

Avoid The Usage Of MoMo If You Can’t Pay E-levy – Ahenkorah Carlos

Carlos Ahenkorah, a member of Parliament (MP) for Tema West constituency has cautioned Ghanaians who do not want to pay the electronic levy(E-levy) to avoid using mobile money transactions.

He stated ” It is not a compulsory tax, if you don’t do momo you don’t pay, so if you don’t want to pay don’t do momo, as simple as that”

“What I am telling them is that they don’t seem to understand what is going on.
They should forget about whaT they are doing and rather let’s see how we can assist the government to run this country”.

He stressed “this budget that we are talking about, an amount of $5million is coming from the E-levy to support expenditures. If we decide that we don’t want the E-levy anymore, so the government should take it out. It means that the government has to go and borrow that $5million from outside to come and support the budget”

According to the MP, the tax is not compulsory and hence can be avoided.