Home Culture Bagbin tells traditional authorities to Protect Ghanaian family values

Bagbin tells traditional authorities to Protect Ghanaian family values

Traditional authorities must play a proactive role in protecting and promoting Ghanaian family values

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Bagbin tells traditional authorities to Protect Ghanaian family values

The Speaker of the Ghanaian Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has urged traditional authorities to play a proactive role in protecting and promoting Ghanaian family values. His call comes at a time when traditional institutions are increasingly being recognized as critical agents for preserving cultural heritage and social cohesion in the face of evolving societal norms and challenges.

Bagbin emphasized the importance of traditional leaders in upholding Ghanaian family values, which are deeply rooted in the country’s cultural fabric and serve as a cornerstone of societal stability and cohesion. He stressed the need for traditional authorities to actively promote values such as respect for elders, gender equality, marital fidelity, and parental responsibility, which are essential for nurturing strong and resilient families.

Furthermore, Bagbin underscored the role of traditional leaders in addressing contemporary issues that threaten Ghanaian family values, including gender-based violence, child marriage, and the erosion of cultural practices. He urged traditional authorities to collaborate with government agencies, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to develop and implement strategies for safeguarding families against these challenges.

Bagbin’s call to action highlights the importance of multi-sectoral partnerships and community engagement in promoting family values and social development. By mobilizing traditional leaders as champions of positive social change, Ghana can leverage its rich cultural heritage to address contemporary social issues and strengthen family structures.


Additionally, Bagbin emphasized the need for traditional authorities to adapt to changing societal dynamics while preserving core cultural values. He encouraged traditional leaders to embrace inclusive and progressive approaches that accommodate diverse perspectives and address the evolving needs of Ghanaian families in the 21st century.

In conclusion, Bagbin’s message to traditional authorities underscores the vital role of cultural heritage in shaping social norms and values. By empowering traditional leaders as custodians of Ghanaian family values, the country can foster a more inclusive and resilient society that upholds the dignity and well-being of all its citizens.

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