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Cause Them To Play Nonsense – Badu

by kwameDoh
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Cause Them To Play Nonsense - Badu

Sonnie Badu, due to his interest in football has shared his thoughts about the match between Ghana and South Korea which took place at the Education city stadium yesterday.

The match ended with a win for the black stars as they came out victorious in a 3-2 defeat against South Korea.

He submitted he gave a plan for Ghana and South Korea match. He was already feeling like the future coach of the Black Stars.
This was what he had to say:

“Dear GHANA, On behalf of my client, I would like to submit our game plan for South Korea. We knew they had speed, and so we had to pick our men with speed. Gideon and Lamptey were the men; however, at that speed.

We also knew they could lose their focus. So we told our midfielders and forwards to be alert. A lot of responsibilities were given to Jordan, who is our master card – he knows how to deal with set pieces and how to frustrate the opponent to give us a foul (it’s called cause them to play nonsense).

“We knew the 2nd half was going to be intense. What do you expect? They must fight with their last breath.”

They brought in a striker that we knew about, but he had too much energy because he had just come on… So we had to fix our defence. Hence, Djiku and Professor. And then we get Kofi in to bring strength and control to the midfield. I hope we made you proud …..

Please, please understand that this is The World Cup. Please slow down on negative news and let’s all rally behind the boys. I don’t mind you tagging me as a trainer scout… At least I know how to fish out the best for this season .. unto the next.

Yours truly, self-employed online management for Otoo Addo and GFA .. CoachBadu

Author: kwameDoh

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