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Concerned Katangees Speak On UTAG - NLC Impasse

Concerned Katangees Speak On UTAG – NLC Impasse

Concerned Katangees Speak On UTAG – NLC Impasse; Katanga hall is one of the traditional halls on the campus of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). It used to be a male hall until it was changed into a mixed hall in 2018. The residents of Katanga Hall are called Katangees.

They have shown deep concern regarding the UTAG strike action, of which a statement has been released by them.

“The government has been insensitive for too long! Address the needs of the lecturers and let them go back to the lecture halls to teach us. Students are suffering the most and we are not happy!” They said.

The full statement reads:

Katanga stands for what’s right

For some time now, the welfare of our lecturers has not been the priority of Governments. We recall how the second semester of last year’s Academic calendar was nearly disrupted due to two-week strike action by UTAG.

After several pleas, UTAG returned for academic work to continue.
It’s another Academic year and for more than 21days, we have not felt the lecture rooms all as a result of another strike action by our Lecturers.

We are not happy and as concerned Katangees, in the Spirit of Activism, stands for what is Right and will fight for what is right.
We are pleading with the government to as a matter of urgency resolve the issues so our lecturers can return to the lecture room.

Students need to feel the warmth of the lecture rooms once again. Academic work needs to start. We stand for the rights and welfare of students.

Concerned Katangees Speak On UTAG - NLC Impasse