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COVID-19: Protect Yourself And Protect Others – Clara Beeri Kasser-Tee

by Vesta Daily
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COVID-19: Protect Yourself And Protect Others – Clara Beeri Kasser-Tee

Covid-19: I will not say that I wish we had been able to discuss more honestly, the things that are a must, and those that are not. No, I will not say that I wished we had prioritised, and truth is we could have. I will also not say that I wish we had tried to invest more in a largely non -contact registration for a few rather than for all, even though we could have done so, if we really wanted to. I have also decided to hold my peace on the Supreme Court ruling. Some other time.

What do I want to say? It is this – as you go out to register, and you should, watch out for you, the next person and your family. Carry hand sanitisers. Mask up. Carry soap and water if you can. Distribute face masks to others if you can. As a sign of your love.  Eat well before you leave home. Social distance.

And, do not say nonsense like “COVID-19 is a leveller”. COVID-19 maybe a leveller in terms of who it infects. It is not a leveller in terms of mortality rate nor access to limited ventilators or flying out if need be, (I understand some have flown to Ghana). God forbid, but, if there are critical conditions, and there is competition for ventilators, who do you think is likely to get a ventilator? So do not deliberately or negligently put our healthcare system to the test, in the belief that COVID-19 is a leveller. There are so many ways it is not. So observe all the COVID-19 protocols.

Keep safe. Protect yourself and protect others.

And, if you are a registration official, take your safety seriously and certainly don’t tell people silly things like “your name does not sound Ghanaian”. Remember, no Ghanaian is more or less Ghanaian than the next Ghanaian. Put another way, you are as Ghanaian as the next Ghanaian. To everyone else, go out and register, because that is what it is. But tread cautiously. We are in this together. You must live and be well enough to vote. So do not take safety precautions for granted.

Stay safe.

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