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Dear Ladies, Here Are 7 Clues To Tell If A Guy Loves You


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Love is a beautiful thing when it’s reciprocal. However, there are guys out there who have issues with expressing themselves and this makes it hard to decode them. Remember actions speak louder than words?

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Here are 7 ways to know if he really loves you

1. He stares at you a lot – when someone loves you, they hardly have control over their eyes when you’re around. If you mostly catch him stealing glances, then he loves you.

2. He’s never too busy – a lot of us are caught up with so many things lately but if he seems to always reach out whenever you make a request, then he’s in love.

3. He remembers every detail – have you ever told him something in passing but didn’t expect him to remember? Well, he does. He remembers your next appointment at the salon or visits your parents. He can’t afford to forget because he loves you.

4. He mostly uses *we instead of I* -this is a sign of unity in purpose. Because he wants you in his future, he includes you in all his plans to make you feel belong. A random guy never does that.

5. He tells you more about himself – if he constantly tells you about his likes and dislikes, favorite places, and things then he probably likes you. He wants you to get to know more about him to establish a stronger bond between both of you.

6. Jealousy sets in – When it comes to you, sharing isn’t caring. He wouldn’t want anyone else to take your attention when he’s available. He’ll sometimes ask to do for you what probably the other guy intends to do.

7. Your dreams are his priority – the guy who loves you takes interest in your daily growth. He doesn’t mind to make recommendations on courses or books to get you closer to your dreams.

If he does at least 4 of these, they’re sure signs he loves you but that doesn’t suggest he’s ready to commit. Please don’t hasten anything or get too clingy otherwise, you may lose him. Dear ladies, kindly wait until he pops the question.

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