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Duties Of Commercial Drivers And Conductors

by Eugenia Enyonam Datsomor
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Duties Of Commercial Drivers And Conductors

There have been many instances where passengers in a commercial vehicle lose their items in the same vehicle and have no hope of retrieving them back. This is where the law comes into play.

Per section 139 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act L.I 2180, where a person driving a taxi or a conductor of any other passenger-carrying vehicle or a person driving any other passenger-carrying vehicle finds an article left in the vehicle after completing a journey, that person shall quickly take that article to the nearest police station or the drivers’ union office.

This provision of law obliges drivers or conductors of commercial vehicles to do the needful in ensuring lost items in their cars find their rightful owner. Breach of this part of the law is seen as an offence and is liable to a fine of not more than 120 cedis, a term of imprisonment of fourteen days or less, or both.

In relation to this same aspect of law, drivers or conductors of commercial vehicles are to ensure that their particulars, namely; their names (names of owners of commercial vehicles), the contact telephone number(s) of the owner of the vehicle, the weight of the vehicle, are inscribed boldly on both sides of the vehicle so as to make it clearly visible to a person standing beside the vehicle, as cited in section 138 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act (L.I 2180).

Such information made available by conductors/drivers of commercial vehicles, in the long run, would aid easy identification of commercial vehicles, which is the main purpose of the stated provision, as well as help passengers who might have lost their items therein to locate vehicles in which said items were lost in easily.

That being said, drivers and conductors need to beware of their duties and obligations owed to the state as well as to the passengers of their vehicles.

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