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EC Gives Update On Last Parliamentary Seat

EC Corrects Wrongly Declared Presidential Results

Even though it was recorded as the best elections held so far in the country, it took the Electoral Commission more than 48 hours to declare the results.

Just when we thought that was all, about 20 hours after the declaration of Ghana’s 2020 election results, the EC, led by Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensah, has come out to make some adjustments to the presidential results declared yesterday between the hours of five and six.

Contents of the press release made by the Commission suggests that “The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission inadvertently used 13, 433, 573 as the total valid votes cast”. The public is hereby notified of the valid figure of “13, 119, 460”.

With all the controversies this election results have sparked, many would be eager to find out if this change would favour either their presidential or parliamentary candidate.

For those who are hopeful this alteration might affect the EC‘s verdict, the statement concludes, “this does not change the percentage for each candidate and the declaration made by the Chairperson”.

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