Home Politics EC to Present Bill to Parliament to Make Ghana Card Sole ID For Voter Registration

EC to Present Bill to Parliament to Make Ghana Card Sole ID For Voter Registration

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EC to Present Bill to Parliament to Make Ghana Card Sole ID For Voter Registration

Jean Mensa, Chairperson of Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC), announced that all political parties have reached a consensus, allowing the EC to proceed with legislative steps to designate the Ghana Card as the exclusive form of identification for voter registration. This move initially met with opposition from parties like the National Democratic Congress (NDC) due to concerns about disenfranchisement, but now has unanimous support.

Key Details of the Announcement

  • Unanimous Support: During the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting in Accra on Wednesday, May 29, Jean Mensa stated that political parties have agreed to support the EC’s plan to make the Ghana Card the sole ID for voter registration.
  • Legislative Action: A bill reflecting this change will be introduced in Parliament in its next session, following the endorsement from all political parties. This step is crucial for formalizing the use of the Ghana Card for voter registration.
  • Preventing Disenfranchisement: Despite initial opposition, particularly from the NDC, due to concerns about disenfranchising citizens who do not yet have the Ghana Card, the consensus was achieved after extensive discussions.

Benefits of Using the Ghana Card

Jean Mensa highlighted several advantages of using the Ghana Card as the sole identification document for voter registration:

  • Curbing Bussing of Minors: The Ghana Card will help address the issue of minors being transported to different locations to register to vote, a practice known as “bussing.”
  • Reducing Infiltration of Minors: It will also mitigate the infiltration of minors into the voters’ register, ensuring a more accurate and credible electoral roll.

Statements and Endorsement

Jean Mensa, speaking at the IPAC meeting, emphasized the collective agreement and the strategic advantages of the Ghana Card:

“At the Inter-party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting, the issue of Ghana Card was discussed extensively and I think the advice was that going forward the EC look at laying the bill that seeks to ensure that the Ghana Card is the sole document for the identification of a citizen.”

Implications for Future Elections

The endorsement of the Ghana Card as the sole ID for voter registration marks a significant step in Ghana’s electoral process. It aims to enhance the integrity and accuracy of the voters’ register, a critical component for free and fair elections.



With the unanimous support of all political parties, the Electoral Commission is set to advance its legislative agenda to make the Ghana Card the exclusive identification for voter registration. This move, which addresses key concerns about electoral integrity, reflects a collaborative effort to improve the credibility of Ghana’s electoral process.

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