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ECG Begins Installing Smart Prepaid Meters In Volta Region

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ECG Begins Installing Smart Prepaid Meters In Volta Region

In its prepaid metering areas in the Volta Region, The Electricity Company of Ghana has started installing smart prepaid meters for customers.

In the Ho and Hohoe Municipalities, about 5,000 smart meters have already been installed.

The new Meter Management System (MMS), which enables customers to buy prepaid credit online instead of going to vending machines, is compatible with smart prepaid meters.

Additionally, the system enables the business to remotely monitor the meters and spot any interference or illegal activity when the meters are tampered with.

Benjamin Antwi, the ECG’s Volta Regional Communications Officer, explained that the initiative is in line with the power distribution company’s goal of offering its customers high-quality services.

“As a business, we want to make the Volta Region a centre for exceptional customer service, and we think that giving our customers convenience will help us realize this goal.

The Volta Region’s power supply has significantly improved, and the installation of these smart meters there will further ensure that our customers are happy with our services, he said.

In order to give customers access to information on energy purchases and consumption from the comfort of their homes, he added, a Customer Interface Unit had been installed on the meter.

A user manual, a USB cord for charging the customer interface unit, and a battery to power the interface unit are additional devices that have been added to the meter.

After the customer’s meter is installed, he or she has the option of visiting the ECG Office or buying prepaid credit from the comfort of their home. The customer can choose whether to bring the Customer Interface Unit when visiting the ECG Office to purchase credit because the meter number is the crucial piece of information required.

Before the customer leaves the property, the smart meter is remotely recharged after purchasing the credit. A token is created for the customer in the event that a network error prevents the meter from being remotely recharged. The smart meter will be recharged after the customer enters the 20-digit token number on the customer interface unit, he said.

Mr Antwi bemoaned how some customers’ illegal connections affect the company’s revenue and prevent it from launching initiatives that will benefit customers.

The smart meter has a feature that can detect any illegal connection, so he cautioned customers against tampering with it in order to continue any illegal activity.

“The meter records every activity, including tampering with the meter, and we can see it from our office. The meter will go off if you attempt to tamper with it, and you won’t be able to purchase credit to recharge it until you visit our office. You’ll be charged extra when you’re caught, he said.

In order to help ECG stop illegal connections, Mr Antwi urged the public to act as whistleblowers by reporting individuals who would engage in any illegal activity at any ECG office or calling the national task force via 0551444011

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