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ECOWAS Is A Disgrace And Corrupt Organization Even The Chairman

ECOWAS Is A Disgrace And Corrupt Organization Even The Chair

ECOWAS is a disgrace and corrupt organization because there is the cause of the Guinea coup.

Was the coup necessary in Guinea? If yes, then who cause it? The hypocrites ECOWAS of course who doesn’t care about the bad decision Alpha Conde took when he want to go for the third team.

Alpha Conde, was the president of guinea before the coup. This man decided to bend the rules set by this same ECOWAS that every president is allowed with only two terms in office but what did the ECOWAS Chairman do even he had a bloody election in his country Ghana.

But look at this hypocrisy on the side of the ECOWAS, they sat aloof and watch Alpha Conde the then president of Guinea to force change the constitution to suit himself by changing the two-term standard to three terms.

He then went ahead to ridge the election, to his favour like the way the ECOWAS Chairman did in his country Ghana. There were numerous protests against his actions, people were killed some were arrested but not a single statement of condemnation from the ECOWAS

This same thing happened in the Ivory Coast, but the ECOWAS turns a blind eye and watch the Ivorian president change the constitution to three terms to favour himself and nothing happened.

The most annoying thing was that the ECOWAS chairman was present at each inauguration of these self-made presidents, so now tell me, does the ECOWAS have the moral obligations to talk on these issues?

What a shame!  African leaders only think about themselves, hypocrites, and this coup was bound to happen, corrupt leaders time will tell.