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Voters Registration Starts Today

Voters Registration Starts Today

The Electoral Commission is set to start the Voters registration process today 30th June 2020. The exercise is expected to ensure clean, fair and sustainable elections in Ghana moving forward.

The details of the exercise have been put in a short write up by the commission to ensure citizens understand the system and the processes therein expected.

In the words of the EC, the following details must be noted.

“The Registration will take place at all Registration Centres throughout the country as follows:
Date: Tuesday, 30th June 2020 to Thursday, 6th August 2020
Time: 7:00am to 6:00pm each day.

The Commission calls on all eligible voters to participate in the Voters Registration Exercise at
Registration Centres close to their location.
The Criteria for Eligibility:
a. Citizen of Ghana
b. 18 years and above
c. Be of sound mind
d. Be a resident or ordinarily resident in an electoral area.
e. Not be prohibited from registering by any law in force.

Anyone of the following documents can be presented by the Applicant at the Registration
Centres to prove his or her eligibility.
1. Passport
2. National Identification Card(NIA Card)
3. In the event where an applicant does not have the required documents, the Applicant must be
accompanied by two Guarantors who must have registered as Voters under the current exercise.

The Registration Exercise will be undertaken based on the Cluster System. Each Cluster will consist
of 5 Registration Centres and undertaken in 5 Phases. Each Phase will span a duration of 6 days.
The team will move from one phase to the other until all Phases are over. There will be a
3 day Mop Up Exercise after the main Registration Exercise is over

To ensure the safety and security of its stakeholders, the Commission will observe the following safety protocols in line with the Government’s directives:
1. All stakeholders are mandated to wear a face mask before entering the Registration Centre.
2. The temperature of all stakeholders will be checked before entering the Registration Centre.
3. Water and liquid soap for hand washing will be provided before joining the queue
4. Stakeholders will be required to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter
whilst in the queue
5. Scanners will be wiped with alcohol wipes before capturing fingerprints”

These and other items must be well noted by citizens before they go for the registration. It is our prayer that this exercise will see the peace it needs and produce an outcome of progression for this country.