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Estate Developer Sues Ayawaso West Assembly Over ‘illegal’ demolition

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Estate Developer Sues Ayawaso West Assembly Over 'illegal' demolition

On Wednesday, a real estate developer is suing the Ayawaso West Assembly for allegedly demolishing a structure belonging to him in a prime area of East Legon in the Greater Accra Region.

Nana Ofori Boasiako maintains that he is in possession of a legal permit from the same Assembly.
Furthermore, he claimed that Sandra Ahenkorah, the Municipal Chief Executive, signed all of the documents confirming his ownership of the property and land.

The Assembly bulldozed the entire perimeter fence, as well as the culverts installed for the drainage system to allow the free flow of water.
Nana Ofori Boasiako, CEO of Incant 2 solution Homes, described the demolition as illegal and ill-motivated at a press conference.
He couldn’t understand why the Assembly, which had granted him a permit to develop the land, would later demolish his project, which cost millions of cedis.

“I applied to the Ayawaso West Assembly to cover the culverts and do it to international standards to allow for easy drainage flow,” he explained.

“The government is supposed to do this drainage system, but I’ve decided to do it myself.” so that I can develop my office apartment without impediments.”

He went on to say that the demolition was illegal and unacceptable, asking, “How can the MCE issue me a permit to develop and then come and demolish the project?”

The enraged estate developer emphasized that he legitimately purchased that parcel of land from the owners years ago for $140,000 with no dispute.

He went on to say that the land adjacent to the Araya Islamic School, as well as all lands stretching to Lagos Avenue, are all part of the Airport Extension and that anyone who owns land within that enclave must apply to the Lands Commission for regularization of the land because it belongs to the state.
Nana Ofori, who provided all supporting documentation, stated that he applied to the Lands Commission for the regularisation of the land, which was granted at a cost of GHC780,000.

As a result, he claims that there is no one can claim ownership of the land, resulting in the demise of his project.

According to him, his caretaker called him late last year and informed him that a top businessman and his boys were on the site.

He stated that when he learned of this, he went to the Lands Commission to determine who is the rightful owner of the land.

He stated that the Lands Commission data confirm his ownership of the land and that his inquiries with the family who sold the land to him revealed that the land had not been sold to anyone other than himself.

Later, Mr Lord Commey, the CEO of Incant 2 Solutions Home, stated that he petitioned the Secretary to the President, the Presidency, and the Director of Operations at the Presidency to intervene.

He hinted that he had instructed his attorneys to file a lawsuit against the Assembly and the police for the illegal demolition of his project.

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