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Fidelity Bank Warns Customers About Scammers

by Vesta Daily
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Fidelity Bank Warns Customers About Scammers

Fidelity Bank has urged customers to protect their banking information in the wake of the alleged hacking of its banking mobile app, which was publicized on social media through a trending audio and video.

The financial institution has confirmed that, contrary to what was implied in the audio, neither its mobile app nor its security systems have been compromised.

It is false and should be ignored that the accompanying audio implies that the Fidelity Mobile App has been hacked. The bank issued a statement to its clients and the general public.

The bank further urged clients and the general public to refrain from sharing private account information. PIN, password, OTP, and date of birth are a few examples.


We strongly advise against sharing your PIN, password, one-time password, or date of birth with anyone. You won’t ever receive a call from Fidelity Bank requesting this information: The sentence suggested.
The bank issued a communiqué warning everyone to protect their banking information because the activities of these fraudsters are comparable to mobile money fraud occurring in the nation’s mobile money market.

The scammers try to get in touch with people who have bank accounts and try to persuade them to divulge their PIN, Password, OTP, or Date of Birth.

Everyone who owns or manages a bank account should take this advice seriously to protect themselves from any Banking Mobile App Fraud attempts by criminals and fraudsters who might target bank customers.

FAQs: Has there been a hack into the Fidelity Bank mobile app?

No, despite attempts, the mobile app has not been hacked. Persons who attempted have been detained by the bank with the assistance of the police. Customers and the general public can use the bank’s app in absolute safety and security.

Fidelity Bank Calling for your PIN, password, one-time password, or date of birth?

Your PIN, password, OTP, or date of birth will not be requested over the phone by the bank. You should report anyone who calls you to the bank and the police so that they can take preventative measures to protect your account and the accounts of others.

Fidelity Bank Warns Customers About Scammers

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