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Government Is Determined To Protect Students In School - Prez Akufo Addo

Government Is Determined To Protect Students In School – Prez Akufo Addo

Since school resumed on Monday, some parents and guardians are nervous over the safety of their wards. There are others who have vowed never to leave their ward’s lives to chance in the name of resumption.

These reactions are centred on the arguments whether or not teachers are capable of keeping an eagle eye on every child to ensure their safety, without risking their own lives and the rest of their students.

President Nana Akufo Addo, in his address at the 72nd Annual Conference at the University of Ghana, has assured parents that all schools are safe for both teachers and students to promote effective teaching and learning. “Government is determined to ensure their safety while in school”, he added.

The President’s statement has been affirmed by the General Secretary of GNAT, Thomas Musah. Mr Thomas said reopening of school is a good decision taken by the government and this initiative is also to curb child labour.

His words are stated as “the challenge now is that if these children do not go to school now, they will turn five (5) by close of the year and I can tell you on authority, some of them will end up as child labourers”.

Mr Thomas Musah acknowledged the worrisome concerns of parents but he was quick to add that many of the students are engaged in social vices so reopening of schools is the ideal way to check bad habits among them.

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