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Halt Voter Registration Now – Doctors Warn Jean Mensa
Halt Voter Registration Now – Doctors Warn Jean Mensa

Halt Voters Registration Now – Doctors Warn Jean Mensa

Over 200 health workers including 99 medical doctors have petitioned the chair of the Electoral Commission of Ghana to halt the ongoing massive voter registration exercise in order to prevent Ghana from suffering potential thousands of deaths from coronavirus

On June 24th the head the health workers caution the EC on its intention to conduct the exercise as they claim it will lead to an increase of the COVID-19. Unfortunately, the ongoing events across the country have confirmed our worst fear ever.

Since the EC began the new registration exercise on Tuesday on June 30th a total of 2334 cases have been recorded. But at most registration centers, Covid-19 preventive protocols have been blatantly disregarded and officers – both in charge of the exercise and security – have been helpless in most situations.

The health workers urged the Commission to suspend the exercise and go back to the drawing board to “figure out safer ways of carrying it out and prevent Ghana from suffering potentially thousands of deaths”.

They fear if the EC Chair chooses to continue the exercise in the current form, she will be “remembered by posterity as a leader who supervised an exercise that allowed for the loss of multiple lives”.