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Have We Lost It Against Insecurity And Media Sensitization?

by Vesta Daily
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Have We Lost It Against Insecurity And Media Sensitization?

The issue of the two teenagers murdering their age mate in Kasoa is a fearful and wake-up call to the leadership of our dear county Ghana.

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I have observed many people blaming the National Media Commission for allowing the TV stations to publicly telecasting live ritualists on how to make quick but dubious money. Yes, NMC is completely not living up to expectations. My question to NMC is, are they still in existence in the country? What kind of license do they give to such TV stations?
Do they (NMC) monitor what these Media houses show after they have been giving accreditation to broadcast?
Who are the owners of these numerous TV stations? What kind of regulation are they operating with?

All these questions lead to several concerns that Ghanaians are raising over the rampant rise of ritualists freely running their shows on TVs across the country and on Social media.

My next difficulty is also about our educational system, issues of indiscipline, and our cultural norms as Africans and Ghana. The Westerners who we are copying, how are they handling disciplinary issues in their schools? Are they abusing it as we are abusing ours in Ghana?


Our security system as a country is another issue I want to talk about? Do we lack professionalism in our security system as a country? What is the work of our intelligent operatives? Have they lost it?

Our Religious leaders, what are they not doing right? Have they also lost it? What kind of preaching and teaching are they giving to their followers?

Have we lost it as a country? What is the media fraternity doing about sensitizing the younger generation on money-making? Why should they wait for the unfortunate to happen before they start talking about solutions? Have they also lost it?

I can go on and on and keep asking questions about all the role players including myself and you as individuals.

As for our so-called human rights advocates, the least said about them the better.

All eyes are watching us see how this particular murder case will be handled and its final conclusion. May the law speak for the innocent deceased 11-year-old boy. He could have been out next Black Star Skipper. May his soul rest in peace.

Vesta Daily
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