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Honico Beverage is a 100% natural – meals & drinks

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Honico Beverage is a 100% natural - meals & drinks

Honico beverage and spread is made with honey, turkey berries, tiger nut and cocoa, it can also be used as a spread on bread, crackers etc.,
it can also be used in your porridge as a sweetener so that you say goodbye to sugar.

It can also be used as your morning and evening beverage.

With the infusion of natural honey, tiger nut, turkey berry and cocoa, it has become your natural and a good source of wellness.

Due to the health benefits of the above ingredients, HONICO from Ghana is doing marvellously well in the health and well-being of many people around the world.
People who are mindful of their health and are ready to make their meals as their health and not medicine as their food love HONICO to the brim.
Honico is manufactured by Tropical Industry and solely distributed by Empomart and OpenTrade and their satellite Distributors across Ghana and some parts of Africa.


To become a regional, district or a branch distributor, contact the person who shared this information with you for further information.

The Potency of the HONICO Products
1. Boost the immune system
2. Gives energy in general and improves stamina
3. Replenish the blood- improves blood circulation
4. Bust performance in the bedroom
5. Serves as an antioxidants
6. Good for the hearts
7. Good for the skin
8. Helps improve the brain function, good for children
9. Helps menstrual disorder
10. Helps prostrate management in men
11. Corrects Premature Ejaculation
12. Manages menopausal symptoms
13. Prevent and fight cancer
14. Improves eyesight
15. Improves libido in both men and women
16. Reduces bad cholesterol
17. Corrects insomnia
18. Manages Diabetes extremely well
19. Reduces high blood pressure


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