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How Did Politics Get Dirty?

by Vesta Daily
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How Did Politics Get Dirty?

It’s here again; campaigns, donations, road construction and regional tours everywhere. Why? It’s election time

On the other hand, we hear “the MP for so so and so has been murdered”. “Vigilante groups have set the malls ablaze”. “The flag bearer of the opposition party has sworn to deal with the current president”.

Why are we shedding blood in the quest for power? Whose idea was it to get politics this dirty? One nut spoils the whole soup and that’s what’s happening to us.

You know, when man became wise, God perceived a competition but He didn’t kill man; he drove him out of His Kingdom and set man on their own level. Then He said, “be fruitful, multiply and subdue”. This meant “dey your lane inside make I dey mine inside”.

In every country there are regions, in every region there are districts, in every district there are constituencies, in every constituency there are homes and rooms. So everyone has a space to operate. Therefore, we can run in the same region, constituency or district without shedding blood.

If you ask me, all politicians should be banned from national television channels. Let’s subject them to the rules of the radio channels where only their voices will be heard. If they wish to sponsor a community, let them send representatives in their stead.

That way, we will be able to make informed decisions exclusive of emotions. We will be able to decipher sense from nonsense. As long as they’re competing, none of their photos should be uploaded or shared on social media. This will also help shield them from premature deaths.

Mind you, when fuel prices go up and the standard of living gets too high, none of these will matter.

I also believe that those who know them won’t number to a 5% of the country’s population. So that by the time we unveil our president, MPs or DCEs we’re confident of our choice and less concerned about their looks or relationship with us.

Never again should someone be denied health care or good education because their names sound like a government in power. No one has to die because they’ve declared their intentions to compete.

Let’s pick out the bad nuts out of the game and set the records straight. Trust me, unless we give them, they have no power.

Vesta Daily
Author: Vesta Daily

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