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How I Overcame The Addiction Of Smoking - A Plus
How I Overcame The Addiction Of Smoking - A Plus

How I Overcame The Addiction Of Smoking – A Plus

Kwame Obeng also is known as A-Plus took to his Facebook wall in sharing with his fans how he overcame the habit of smoking.

Which he knows would be of help to someone also trying to overcome this addiction.
He went on in pointing out four key steps to overcome it.

“I was a chain smoker. On a very good day, I smoked a pack or more. I began smoking in 1994 and never stopped till 2014 – twenty straight years.

One day, I decided to call it to quit. I bought a new pack of cigarette and organised my own cigarette send-off party that morning, I treated myself to about five sticks of kingsize. After, I placed the pack on my bedside cabinet and said to myself, “Enough, I need a break!!” Then I sat in front of my mirror, and said to myself, If you are truly the master of your soul, though you will see this cigarette when you wake up and before you go to bed, and you shall be tempted to smoke it, do not touch it for a year. And yes, I did it.

From June 16th 2014 to June 16th 2015, I did not smoke. But you see, when you win the champions league, you want to win it back to back. I, therefore, decided to challenge myself for another year. And once again, I was successful. For two straight years, I had a pack of cigarette on my bedside cabinet, kept the same friends I used to smoke with, went to the same places I used to smoke at but didn’t smoke a stick. By that time, after two years of not smoking, my system had naturally rejected it and I could not smoke again. I removed the cigarette from my room and threw it away. At long last, the battle had ended.

It has been six years since I quit smoking and I want to say a very big thank you to the man in me for being strong.

Maybe you are struggling to quit. There is a man or woman in you who wants to help but it has to start with you. The truth is that it is not easy. Your will power must be on another level to be able to quit. You have to be in total control of yourself. From my experience, I can offer some advice to help you – that is, if you are struggling to quit smoking;

1. Don’t stay away from friends you used to smoke with because you want to quit. It is not the company you keep. It is about being the master of your soul. Be tempted, resist the temptation. Anybody who can resist tobacco temptation is a hero. It is not easy.

2. Don’t stop smoking because you don’t have a cigarette. Keep one. It can be in your pocket, your car, or in your room. Just make a DECISION not to smoke. If the reason why you are not smoking is that you don’t have access to a cigarette, the day you’ll have access to it, you’ll smoke like crazy and chew the box after.

3. Don’t substitute it with electronic cigarettes. Just just!!!

4. Set goals. have a deep conversation with yourself and make a DECISION to quit. Sit with your friends, watch them smoke If you succeed in resisting the temptation to smoke, go home and mark “day 1″ If you don’t come in contact with smokers and for that matter, you were not tempted, don’t count. Do this for 30 days and you’ll feel like a winner.

It is not about what someone said about smoking. It is not because your doctor said whatever. It is about you being in charge of you. As author Germany Kent puts it, you cannot live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.”