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I Am Not A Witch – Late Bishop Nyarko’s Mother Cries Out

I Am Not A Witch – Late Bishop Nyarko’s Mother Cries Out

The mother of late Ghanaian actor, Bishop Bernard Nyarko, known as Maame Yaa Konadu has been accused of being a witch. This is because she didn’t allow fellow Kumawood actors and actresses to visit her son when he was sick.

However, she’s come out to say that she did her best to save her son from dying and that she has no hand in his death.

According to her, she obeyed her son’s wish hence the decision to prevent colleagues from visiting her son when he was on a sickbed.

“Prior to his death he had lost considerable weight and was weak. He directed that I should not allow anyone to visit until such a time he recovered and felt better. This was so because he did not want his colleagues to come to take images of him and post on social media.

“It was my wish for my son to bury him and not the reverse. I have been accused of being a witch because I hid him just because I wanted him dead. There is nowhere I have taken him to just because I wanted to get him back on his feet. I leave everything to God because he knows best. What will I kill my son and benefit? I gave birth to him and he grew to become a star and I was pleased”, she said.