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I Won A Wrestling Match Against Satan - Ps. Odumeje

I Won A Wrestling Match Against Satan – Ps. Odumeje

Nigerian controversial Pastor Odumeje Indaboski Bahose said he won a belt in International Spiritual Wrestling Championship after defeating Satan in a closed-door match.

Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere is predominantly known as Odumeje. He is a wealthy controversial Nigerian clergyman and general overseer of The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry who is noted for his unorthodox methods of healing and exorcism of supposedly demon-possessed individuals.

Pastor Odumeje claims he went for the said wrestling match in Hell-Fire alone and emerged victoriously.
The said match is also said to have had no referee or spectators, just Satan and Pastor Odumeje

Among some of the controversies of Pastor Odumeje includes:

Unorthodox methods of healing.
Odumeje’s methods of healing attract negative criticism as it often involves the arrangement of multiple chairs and slamming the individual in need of healing on the chairs and after doing so, declared them totally healed. Odumeje’s methods of healing earned him the title; “The wrestling pastor”

Allegations of stage-managing miracles by Ada Jesus.
Odumeje had a feud with a former female associate of his referred to as Ada Jesus who accused him of being a false prophet and a charlatan who stage-managed miracles with the help of Nigerian veteran actress, Rita Edochie, who helped by providing him individuals willing to feign ailments for a fee. Odumeje proceeded to lay curses on her and declared she would be inflicted with an incurable disease, coincidentally, she became terribly ill with a kidney-related ailment which caused her to be completely paralyzed and caused her to lose her ability of speech.

Her condition defied medical science as medical professionals could not explain why despite their efforts to treat her, her health condition continued to deteriorate. As a last resort, the family of Ada Jesus brought her in her bedridden state to the church of Odumeje and pleaded on her behalf that he reverses the curses he placed on her. Odumeje vehemently refused and stated that he would never forgive her and stated that he’d ensure she’d be paralyzed for life whilst Rita Edochie stated that she would never get well and would die prematurely from that illness. Odumeje also stated that he’d ensure the same fate befalls all members of her family.

Unorthodox method of conducting a church service.
Odumeje’s church services include the singing of secular Nigerian music which contains profanities and illicit content which aren’t compatible with conventional Christian doctrines and conducts. Odumeje’s church services also incorporate the abuse of the Nigerian naira as he sprays money and proceeds to step on it, this drew an inordinate amount of criticism so much so that the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria called for his arrest in 2020.

Alleged relationship to Eddy Nawgu.
His marriage to his wife was controversial because Nigerian media outlets published articles that claimed that he was married to the daughter of Eddy Nawgu and whatever spiritual powers Odumeje had, he learnt and acquired by studying the clandestine personal journal of Eddy Nawgu who was an infamous black magician prior his public execution. Odumeje ferociously denied this and called it a malicious and deliberate attempt to tarnish his image.

Condescending remarks about Pericoma Okoye and the people of Arondizuogu.
Odumeje made condescending remarks about the deceased Pericoma Okoye who was the former prime minister of Arondizuogu who he claimed was insignificant whilst alive and had achieved nothing substantial other than bearing the title “Lion of Africa” and practising a black magic which could not save him from death. Odumeje also mocked the people of Arondizuogu by calling them a poverty-stricken town that had no millionaires and only had the practice of sorcery as their sole achievement. Odumeje came under severe criticism for his comments and would eventually officially apologize to the people of Arondizuogu.

Threat to kill anyone writing negative things about him.
Odumeje claimed he had spiritual powers and would kill anyone who wrote anything negative about him no matter how much they concealed their identity, he claimed he could spiritually tell who they were and would proceed to kill them spiritually.