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Introduction Of Ghana Rural Opportunity Window (GROW) – CPP


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Introduction Of Ghana Rural Opportunity Window (GROW) – CPP

The Convention Peoples Party (CPP), is said to introduce a comprehensive integrated policy dubbed “Ghana Rural Opportunities Window (GROW)” to develop rural communities.

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This was said in a message from the party that read:

“”Rural Ghana has been so much neglected for the past 30years under NDC and NPP making life more unbearable and deprived for our own people.

These two political parties keep mocking the people with fanatical programmes and language that do not bring any direct benefit and neither offer economic livelihood support. On a daily basis, one would only hear economic jargons and language such as economic fundamentals, micro and macroeconomics, indicators and indexes, GDPs, exchange rates, inflations, and many others.

The NDC and NPP together with the World Bank and the IMF continue enriching themselves creating such development policies and programmes that never solves any problem. Where is Vision 2020? What has been its IMPACT? What was the impact of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and what is happening with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? What socio-economic benefits have they brought to alleviate rural poverty?

Why is RURAL GHANA poor? Why are we still doing subsistence farming and importing food from other countries? Why are our rural youth still migrating to the urban areas only to be exposed to harsh and stiffer economic conditions?

It is with such deep concerns that the CPP will introduce such comprehensive integrated policy initiative to empower and develop rural communities through the Ghana Rural Opportunities Windows (GROW). Under the programme Communities will undertake their own development projects in accordance with their needs with funding from the state through the Common Fund. The programme will target project in healthcare, rural enterprise, education, technical and vocational training, youth and women empowerment, agriculture development and food processing and packaging.

The GROW programme will be expected to offer greater participation for the people in our rural communities to improve their lives and ensure sustainable development.””


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