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"It Is Devastating" - Level 100 Undergrads Cry

“It Is Devastating” – Level 100 Undergrads Cry

“It is devastating” – Level 100 Undergrads Cry, following the indefinite strike by UTAG, students from various universities have expressed their grievances about the issue.

The just in received undergraduate students thus the level 100s look stranded and distressed. They lament how their stay will be characterized by difficulty and stress.

In an interview with a level 100 student, she said ” We just reported to the school and now this strike has reared its ugly head. It’s devastating as to how this strike will affect us enormously. Making our stay on campus chaotic, prolonging studies and creating uncertainty in the academic calendar”

“The ordeal of the impact of this strike will be like a punishment to us. Mostly, we the students will experience the pain of this strike. We were looking forward to a smooth yet educative stay on campus but looks like this will be a prolonged stay on campus with stress to deal with”