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It's A Dog Whistle To Tell People To Jubilate - Oppong Nkrumah To The NDC

It’s A Dog Whistle To Tell People To Jubilate – Oppong Nkrumah To The NDC

The Minister Of Communications, Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, in his address to the public, stated that it is wrong to invite people to jubilate when one has not been declared a winner.

On the other hand, “Ghanaians are very discerning” and cannot fall for this persuasion.

The Minister refuted the claim in the NDC‘s statement of attaining a majority in parliament. He further threw a rhetorical question to the public in the words, “if anyone has gained 140 seats in parliament by now, you’ll know..won’t you know?”. He asked this question to attest the fact that the media was constantly reporting on the election processes so they should not allow themselves to be misled.

He added that “it is utterly irresponsible and it flies in the face of good conduct and even the peace pact the candidates signed few days ahead of the election”, referring to Mahama’s conduct which might have breached the agreement.

The influence of the opposition party to get its supporters to jubilate, “has the potential to raise tension, heighten anxiety and most importantly, it will leave your supporters severely disappointed if and when an eventual loss is occasioned for you”, he concluded.

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