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It's A Good Thing To Be In Opposition - Apostle General
It's A Good Thing To Be In Opposition - Apostle General

It’s A Good Thing To Be In Opposition – Apostle General

Apostle General made some comparison between the palace life (being in government) and the prison life (being in opposition), still under the lessons derived from the story of Joseph.

He explained, “the palace life is good and the prison life is also good. Life in the palace is life in government. You make money, you have police security, SUV vehicles , our taxes taking care of you, living in government bungalow. It’s good.

Don’t also despise life in the prison, thus, life in the opposition. It’s when you’re in opposition you show empathy and sympathy to the poor, you’re humble, you’re prayerful and you seek God. That’s when you love people.”

He added that, for all the people in government he knows them. Not to the current administration but to everyone at large. As soon as they get to government they change their telephone numbers.

Telephone numbers they used in campaigning, when they you call they don’t respond. They’ve removed themselves from people. They are just like the chief butler who forgot about Joseph in prison. As soon as they get to the palace, they forget about the people on the ground. They don’t remember them anymore.”

Apostle General continued by saying, “if you’re in opposition, praise God. Opposition does not mean you’ve failed. No! It’s only an opportunity like Joseph, to learn, to meet people, to show empathy, to feel the pains and suffering of the ordinary masses. It’s a good thing to be in opposition.”