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KNUST: Katanga Hall Does Not Support Rowdy Behaviours – JCRC

by Vesta Daily
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KNUST: Katanga Hall Does Not Support Rowdy Behaviours - JCRC

Accompany the chaos that happened between the members of the Katanga Hall and that of the Unity Hall, the Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) of Katanga Hall has issued out a press statement.

In the press release, they explained that the University Hall (Katanga) Junior Room Committee (JCRC) has taken into measure the publications by the media channels that allegedly state that fellow Katangees of the institution are involved in the incidents during the 2021 SRC Vetting.

The University Hall does not accept and tolerate any act of vandalism and hooliganism. The Junior Common Room Committee (JCRC) intention is to reprehend the said attacks and brutality. We inform the state unquestionably that the university hall does not support such rowdy behaviour.

Katanga believes that the fate of the University lies in unity, progress, and that matter in Katangeeism. The main aim of Katangees is to upgrade the welfare of students and other members of the university community through proper advocacy pitched against radicalism.

The University Hall has also taken notice of a video spreading on social media assumed to support the allegations that katangees attacked Master Joshua Budu. According to an eyewitness account, the said tassel began when Master Joshua Budu handling a broken bottle prevented some students from entering the Great Hall. There ensued a fight between him and the said students.
In the video moving around, Katangees was rather seen to have gone to save Master Joshua Budu.

The University Hall inspires the media channels on campus and outside to be extremely careful and do due diligence in their reportage on events that happen in and around campus.

We also urge students to stay safe and avoid any troublesome behaviours that will drag the name of the University into disgrace.

The University Hall (Katanga) urges the University Management to strengthen security on and off-campus.”

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