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Let Go Of Our Past And Let Us Be - IGP Dampare

Let Go Of Our Past And Let Us Be – IGP Dampare

George Akuffo Dampare is a Ghanaian chartered accountant and police officer. He was appointed as the acting Inspector General of Police of the Ghana Police Service by President Nana Akufo-Addo on 21 July 2021 effective 1 August 2021, taking over from James Oppong-Boanuh who had been serving since October 2019.

IGP Dampare has called on all Ghanaians to forget the painful past of the Ghana Police Service. Adding that, they’ve started working towards winning back the heart, respect and confidence of all Ghanaians.

He stated:
“Let go of our past and let us be. We understand, you have lost our trust, your confidence, your respect and we’re going to earn them back. So please, don’t continue to judge us by our past. And by some extension, you insult us, because, whether you like it or not, Ghana Police will forever be yours.

We have done several introspections, and we know where the problems are, that’s why we are convinced that we can become the best institution in Ghana.

Bear with us and encourage us. If you have a child, and you don’t speak good about the child, that child will not turn out to be good.

Irrespective of how painful our past historical issues have been.”