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Let's Repent From That "Nkurasensem" - Manasseh Azure To Media Houses

Let’s Repent From That “Nkurasensem” – Manasseh Azure To Media Houses

Manasseh Azure has again expressed his view on some acts of most media houses when it comes to their publication of videos and pictures, thus, branding it with their logos and making it look unattractive as well as using some random pictures or videos without giving credit to whoever took them.

Manasseh Azure is a freelance journalist having worked with Multimedia Group Limited in Accra, Ghana for some time in the past.

He is known for his controversial investigative and anti-corruption reports that have caused a national uproar and also land some government officials in prison.

He expressed:
“Yaw Pare, Kobby Blay, Samuel Moore and other photographers have helped journalists and media houses a great deal with their works. Sometimes, they are not even given the credit. But they selflessly label their photos in such a way that media houses can use them to enhance their stories.

My problem is with many media houses in Ghana. When they take photos that are not even so exclusive or special, they deface them with their logos.

Sometimes you see the big logo in the middle of a photograph. Some even put the logos of all the brands in the media conglomerate on the photograph.

Photographs that we copy from foreign media houses aren’t branded like that, so where do we learn our greed from?

It’s okay to put your logo at the top or bottom corner. Splashing it on the entire photograph does not only deny others from using it. You destroy what would have appealed to your audience.

We may all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the selflessness exhibited by our photographers, but this is 2021.

Let’s repent from that nkurasensem.

Those who take others’ photographs should also give credit.