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Make Your Skin Glow With This Carrot Formula

by Vesta Daily
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Make Your Skin Glow With This Carrot Formula

As ladies, one thing that makes us stand out is our complexion.

A beautiful complexion adds up to your confidence and makes you feel more beautiful.

To keep your skin moist and glowy at all times, try this homemade CARROT OIL.

1. Carrots
2. Olive, coconut, or baby oil.

Other items needed
1. A grater
2. A container with a lid


1. Take about 4 pieces of sizeable carrots
2. Wash them nicely and grate into a container
3. Pour any oil of your choice on the grated carrots and cover it tightly.
4. Leave the mixture in the kitchen or other places where sunlight can reach it.
5. Keep the mixture closed for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of three.
6. However, you need to stir the mixture twice a week to extract nutrients into the oil.
7. After two or three weeks, sieve out the oil into a suitable bottle for use.

1. It reduces wrinkles.
2. It keeps your skin glowing and brightens your complexion.
3. It promotes hair growth and leaves your hair shiny.
4. It keeps your skin and hair moist.
5. It fights dandruff.
6. It clears scars.

NB: Those with dark complexion are likely to look fair. Please discontinue use if you notice any traces of bleaching.

Vesta Daily
Author: Vesta Daily

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