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Man Arrested For Taking Shots Of His Ballot Sheet

Man Arrested For Taking Shots Of His Ballot Sheet

As Ghanaians cast their ballots today, many are expected to go through the COVID-19 proposals and adhere to all the rules governing polling stations.

However, a young man, whose name is yet to be disclosed, has been arrested at Shama, in the Western region, for flouting the rules of elections.

The man in question was caught by a polling station officer observing from a distance, taking shots of his ballot sheet.

Even though it not a constitutional offense to take shots of your ballot sheet, election authorities think it might influence the choice of other electorates so they do not take this offence lightly at all.

Others were also arrested for same offense during the special voting exercise, which took place last week.

This should serve as a deterrent to other Ghanaians who are tempted to fall short of this offence by taking caution when casting their votes.

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