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Many Are Complicit In The Murder Of Kaaka

Many Are Complicit In The Murder Of Kaaka

The convenors of the #FixTheCountry has issued out a press statement with regards to the death of Kaaka, who was mobed as a result of being a fighter for change.

The press statement read:

“The Economic Fighters League has heard with great pain the news of the death this afternoon of Comrade Ibrahim ‘Kaaka’ Muhammed, who was in the early hours of Saturday 26th June attacked in his home by a mob wielding sticks.

Kaaka was an active and concerned activist using social media to expose the developmental problems of his community, Ejura in the Ashanti Region. He stood firm in the face of threats from members of his community and continued to demand better even when issued a warning alleging disturbing of the peace by Ghana Police.

It is indicative of where we stand as a nation that a citizen can not only be denied their constitutional right to demand better for their nation but be attacked and murdered for it. The Economic Fighters League condemns this heinous act of suppression and all the actions that led up to the murder of an upright citizen in his own home.

As we mourn the death of our brother, let us remember that there are many who are complicit in his murder. He was murdered by the rotten system and those who protect it; by the footsoldiers who push it; by the politicians who run it; by those who hide from it and by those who benefit from it. The violent mob sent to silence Kaaka was only the final trigger.

We say no more. This is our land and our future. Our lives matter. A complaint has been lodged with Ghana Police and we intend to escalate it to the Inspector General of Police.

This murder can not pass without action by the People whose brother has violently been taken from us. Justice must be served for Kaaka, for we are ALL Kaaka – if you touch one, you touch us all. Further action will be communicated in due course.

We extend our deepest condolences to Kaaka’s family and loved ones. Your brother’s death will not be in vain.”

This statement was by Hardi Yakubu, the general of a group that calls itself The Economic Fighters League.
He concluded by saying, “They can kill a revolutionary, but they cannot kill the revolution.”