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May We Not Rest Untill Kaaka Receives Justice

May We Not Rest Untill Kaaka Receives Justice

What seems to be the end for the cry of the country being fixed isn’t ending any moment from now. Tables have really turned and a lot of change Fighters are boiling in the spirit to bring forth the change they so desire. One of their own, who happens to be a social media activist has been murdered.

The Economic Fighters League has vowed not to rest until justice is served.

The press statement on the murder of Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed read.

“We have just received depressing news of the death of our colleague and friend Ibrahim “Kaaka” Mohammed, a #FixTheCountry activist and member of the Economic Fighters League who was attacked by a mob for his #FixTheCountry related activism.

As you will recall, we earlier reported that Kaaka was attacked on the same Friday the Ghana Police Service arrested other #FixTheCountry Convenors.

As Tv3/3FM has reported, Kaaka received voice messages of threats being made on his life. In fact, there are voice recordings on which some persons known to be bodyguards to the Municipal Chief Executive of Ejura Sekyeredumase, could be heard saying that activities of Kaaka on Facebook were making the governing New Patriotic Party unpopular in the area and that every means possible must be used to stop him.

In fact, less than two weeks ago, various individuals had gone to report Kaaka to the Ejura Police in order to get him to stop his work. Instead of cautioning those individuals to refrain from intimidating and threatening Kaaka in the exercise of his Constitutional rights as a citizen, the Police rather issued Kaaka with a warning letter.

Following Kaaka’s torture, we lodged a formal complaint with the Ghana Police Service. They have taken no steps to interdict or even invite anybody for questioning over the murderous attack.

This is the murder of an innocent citizen! Kaaka’s blood is a formal indictment of us all and our refusal to stand up and challenge a false democracy! If this is truly a democracy, give us justice!

Tomorrow, we shall seek a formal audience with the Inspector General of Police relating to this matter.

May we not rest until Kaaka receives justice.