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Missing Penis In Kasoa

by Godshand Gati
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The Awutu Senya East ‘Kasoa’ is a popular town in the central region of Ghana known for its rise in crimes and law backing. For the past three or so years, Kasoa has always been under the spotlight of crime for killing, stealing, rapes, pickpocketing, armed robbery, gangsterism what have you done.

A once peaceful town known for its trading prowess is now being labeled, ‘the den of criminals’ harboring criminals from other countries as well.

Natives are in constant fear for their lives, properties, and purity. They call on the government and security agencies to increase protective measures put in place to ensure their safety.


In recent times, there have been new developments in regards to the constant committing of crimes, twenty people have been reported to have lost their manhood after being touched by a stranger allegedly. Every man has to walk on the streets of Kasoa with two hands between their thigh in constant fear of losing his birthday suit “kopeks”.

These strange phenomena have put the natives of the town in a state of panic and fear and the security enforcement agencies have to put protective measures to mitigate the ongoing crisis. Imagine you getting home after a long and tiring day only to discover you’ve lost the most precious part of your humanity.

This brings us back to the question, is Ghana free as stated by the great Dr.  Francis Kwame Nkrumah?


Godshand Gati

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