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Mountcrest University Law Students Fight “Burdensome” High Fees

by kwameDoh
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Mountcrest University Law Students Fight "Burdensome" High Fees

The Law students of MountCrest University have petitioned its Management regarding their notice of fee increment.
They were making a passionate and urgent call to management to consider a downward review of the current fee increment.

Their petition reads:

With due respect we, the Class Representatives together with the members of the various cohorts in MountCrest University College, in response to the fees increment notice, hereby coil on management to respectfully reconsider the increment for a downward review. By this, we state as follows:

1. We all acknowledged that the Management of the university has not engaged the student body either through class representatives, or any other way in any discussion towards the increment of school fees,

2. The new fees (in addition to SRC) of GHC 22,600.00 /Weekend). GHC 20600.00
Evening) and GHC 12,300.00 (Regular are in our estimation extremely high, and unaffordable for students, threatening our very survival in the university. We are therefore making a passionate and urgent call on management to kindly consider a downward review of the current fees increment.

3. The retrospective effect of the increment is another grave and worrisome concern to us. A situation we fear will truncate the dreams of most of us, as it has made the situation more unbearable and burdensome. We accordingly appeal to management that the fee increment, as would be finalized, takes effect from the next academic year.

4. We hereby, respectfully, submit that we have not appointed or authorised any group of students wheresoever to meet management and to discuss any matter relating to fees on behalf of the entire student body. Their negotiations are void ab initio.

In their letter, they were humbly calling on management, to reconsider its decision on the increment in the fees to enable them to endure the current economic hardships.

The management of MountCrest University College through a memo to all its students stated an increment in its fees.

In the memo, they addressed a few issues which have compelled them to cause an increment in their fees, some of which are the steady depreciation of the cedi and the 30% pay increment across the board for all salaried employees in both the public and private sectors across the country.

The memo reads:

Dear students,
This is to inform you that, the management of MountCrest University College has been compelled by circumstances beyond its control to increase Tuition Fees with effect from September 2022. The increment in fees for the current academic year is to reflect the following:
•the arising cost of living with inflation of 54.1%
•the steady depreciation of the cedi
•The 30% pay increment across the board for all salaried employees in both the public and private sectors across the country
• The 28% and 19% tariffs on electricity and water, respectively.
• Fee fees for the Post-First Degree LLB in Legon are approximately GHC 22,000 excluding Government Subvention and other giants.
• It must go without saying that the rising cost of living in the country has resulted in the higher cost of operations of running the University College.

Also, with effect from November 2022, Examination fees for Final Year Certification have been pegged at GHC3,000 to cover the following matters.
• Internal Moderation Fees
• Invigilation Fees
• Residential Conference marking fees to expedite the marking of scripts
• External Assessment and Publication of Result of Final Year 2nd Semester Results to meet the deadline set by the General Legal Council for students to be eligible to write the National Common Entrance Examination for Admission into the Ghana School of Law.
• Audit of Records of final year students for KNUST Certification Purposes

The updated fee increment for the continuing students is provided below.

The schedule of fees for the 2022/2023 academic year:

Evening (20,000)
Weekend (22,000)

Invigilation fee and conference marking
Evening (300)
Weekend (300)

Evening (20,300)
Weekend (22,300)

Regular GHC12,000

It is uncertain as to whether the petition by the students will be heeded to by management.
We will be updating you as and when anything unfolds.

Author: kwameDoh

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