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My Husband Run From Home And Returned After 22 Years – Maame Dokuno

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My Husband Run From Home And Returned After 22 Years - Maame Dokuno

Maame Dokuno, officially known as Grace Omabor shared very bitter experiences accompanied by her second marriage.

In the previous articles, she shared how her first marriage failed as a result of impatience on her side and the infidelity on the part of her husband.

In addition, she mentioned that her second marriage was hell, as the man she was married to run away without any prior notice, leaving her and the children to struggle through life.

After twenty-two years, she saw her second husband again. She described their meeting as a coincidence because she had gone to visit her sister-in-law when he badged in on them.

The sight of him irritated her but she was coerced by her sister-in-law to forgive and accept him back. This she did reluctantly for the sake of the children.


After their meeting, she decided to pay him a visit in Amsterdam to patch things up. However, her husband had a plan B.

As she thought of reuniting her family, the man, on the other hand, was thinking of abandoning her the second time to remarry.

Unfortunately, the visa arrangements her husband was making with his second wife delayed and the money he was expecting eluded him.

The shock of his disappointment caused him to be partially paralyzed with stroke, which claimed his death shortly afterwards.

Even though Maame Dokuno reaped no benefits from him, she was still compelled to foot a greater portion of his funeral expenses.

Maame Dokuno shared her ideal with Rev Rita Korankye-Ankra of the Royalhouse Chapel International, on the program Family Life Series and it’s aired on Powerline TV every Wednesday.

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