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National Labour Commission To Meet UTAG And FWSC

National Labour Commission To Meet UTAG And FWSC

The National Labour Commission(NLC) is expected to meet the University Teachers Association of Ghana(UTAG) and Fair Wages and Salaries Commission(FWSC).

Mr Earl Ankrah, Head of Public Affairs of FWSC has disclosed that the NLC is to meet both parties to reach a negotiation.

He disclosed “NLC has invited both parties to meet them on Wednesday 12th January 2022 at 2:30 pm. Yeah, so of course, UTAG leadership should know this, normally when there is a strike of this nature. Labour Commission will invite both parties and listen to both parties.

Then they will ask UTAG or the party on strike to call off their strike. To return to the table, to the negotiation table. Because according to the laws of this country, you can not negotiate while on strike. So you will wonder if UTAG, the leadership of UTAG knowing this and claims they are fighting for the course of their constituent.

Why will they go on strike? Because the strike is where you lock out any negotiation. So if you are interested in their well-being, if you are interested in pursuing their interests. Why will you go on strike, when you know the strike is a blockade to any negotiations”

“So it is not fair to government and it is not fair to students and parents out there. We conclude negotiations with UTAG on their conditions of service about 3 months ago. Just 3 months ago around the 6th or so. We concluded with both parties that are the representatives of UTAG and government representatives signed on that document after concluding the negotiations. And UTAG went away with possibly the best condition, their best condition of service to date. Now it is really surprising to hear that they have come up with a communique in which they’re mentioning the worsening condition of service.

I mean how do you sign an agreement on the condition of service which will make you worse. Who will ever agree to such a scene? But we signed on condition of service which we made them better off than they have ever been in the history of the association. And now you are coming to say we are going on a strike on that” he added