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Never give up, God is not finished with Ghana yet- Mahama to Ghanaians

by Vesta Daily
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Never give up, God is not finished with Ghana yet- Mahama to Ghanaians

Vesta Daily – Accra: Never give up, God is not finished with Ghana yet- Mahama to Ghanaians

Concerns over the difficulties Ghanaians are now encountering under the Akufo-Addo administration have been voiced by former president John Dramani Mahama.

He urged them to persevere as God’s purpose for Ghana still had time to be fulfilled.

He said that some Ghanaians have sworn to abstain from voting in the 2024 elections as a result of the suffering they are going through.

He urged voters to cast their ballots in person at the polls on Election Day, December 7.

Speaking at the Sanctuary of Wind and Fire Assemblies of God Church in Tamale on New Year’s Eve, the former president said that God was testing the people’s faith through the crises that Ghanaians are going through.

“I want to leave you with a message of hope. Our country Ghana is going through a crisis. And there are many of you, especially the youth, who believe that there’s no future. I meet a lot of our youth, and it is like there’s no future here for them. And so they won’t even bother to vote. Please, I beg you, cast your votes on December 7, 2024.”

He emphasised, “Never give up on your country. God is not finished with Ghana yet. We are going through a crisis, but he has not given up on us. There are times when God uses experiences not only to test us but also to give us a learning experience. Sometimes, we go through tribulations, but it does not mean we must throw up our hands in despair and give up. Never give up. We must continue to battle, and work hard until we achieve the objectives we set for ourselves. Let’s continue to have hope and believe that God’s plan for Ghana is not over.”

Mr Mahama expressed optimism that Ghana, the once-vibrant Black Star, will rise again, saying that Ghana had slipped from its position on the world front.

And that God would benefit our nation and cause it to rise again, and that we will have the chance to decide in December 2024. We are no longer the dark star that once shone above Africa; instead, it has plummeted to the earth. However, he promised, “I promise that the black star will rise once more.”

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